Opera Garnier

 I love to travel.


Not only does it give me an escape, I learn more about history, people, food and my place in the world. Another bonus is that I am able to expand my circle of friends.


When I travel I have never failed to meet new people, and with the internet, we have all kept in touch. You can also have new common interests and places with your own friends. It’s so wonderful when people ask me where my apartment is in Paris that I can say ” Across from the Louvre and Tuilleries, next to the gold statue of Joan d’Arc” and they know exactly where that is.


The photo to the above is the view I see when I go to get groceries and pastries, isn’t it grand?


No matter where I go I am able to keep the memories with me. I have learned to think more about where to go and where I have been instead of what material things I need. When you travel, especially when you are packing, you find you don’t need things you just need freedom.