Off Season ( November – March) is a great and inexpensive time to travel to Europe. I exclusively travel during these time to get a better price on airfare and lodging.

I have been traveling to Paris every November 1 for the past 10 years and always see something new. The best part…………………No Tourists, No Lines. The weather is in the 50s -60’s so I can wear my black trench and boots with no worries. Off course it’s important to always carry an umbrella.

During my 2 week stays in Paris I always rent a beautiful apartment and live as the locals do. I do my own grocery shopping and live off of the best cheese, meat and bread. I go crazy over the Monoprix Greek  Yogurt. 4 cute jars for 89 cents.

While I am stationed in Paris I usually take 2 day trips. It’s a quick trip to London or Strasbourg for the day. It also gives me time to rest because I am constantly walking everywhere and sitting on the train is a nice way to relax.

This fall 2015 I will be staying in Paris and then taking a train to Bruges, Belgium. I was going to make it a day trip, but there isn’t a non-stop train and I would not have had much time in Bruges. So I am going to spend 2 nights in Bruges and then take the train to Amsterdam, spend the night, and then fly home from Amsterdam.

Even though I am in Paris several times a year, there are always places to explore. This year I am planning on taking a bus tour of 3 castles in the Loire Valley, a 1/2 day via Paris train to The Fountainbleu and one day, hopefully, to Chateau Chantilly.

Here is a photo of the apartment where I will be resting my weary head.