Google FlightsLast Supper

A couple of days ago I stumbled upon Google Flights. It showed me all the flights in Europe on a day that I had specified.

A friend had told me that I could go to Switzerland from Paris and back in one day. I did a Google search and found a flight for about $177. It seemed reasonable, but lo and behold, all the cities in Europe popped up with prices and I was hooked.

Milan for $33 round trip!!! Are you kidding? I can jet out to Milan, see Da Vinici’s Last Supper, walk through the Milan Doumo, have a meal and be home by 10. I picked my flights and was about to click when I saw that the Paris originating flight was from Beauvais Airport, 70 miles outside of Paris. There was no way I could do a one day flight. But, I can do an overnight at some point, and it’s always an option.

The moral of this story is, it might look like a great deal, but you always have to know the details.    Google Flights, Click here