Passengers on Spirit who think that they will actually fly home today.

Last week I tried to give my friend a great Christmas gift. I took her to Boston for the day so that we could see a famous museum and maybe see some sights. She had never been to Boston, whereas I know the town very well.

I accomplished all of this because I found an $80 round trip flight from Detroit to Boston. Great, fabulous, doable. I also rented a car, not cheap, unfortunately, but it gave us freedom in case we had time to venture out.

Let me warn you why this flight was so cheap. It was on SPIRIT AIRLINES. We flew out early in the morning, drove to Salem for some witchy fun, and then into town to see the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. We then had a lovely meal and headed for the airport.

I did not check my email or I would have seen that my 9:30pm flight was postponed to 11:30. The gate crowd was light due to the change, so I went to the counter. I was able to find out that there was not a plane coming and that they would bring a special plane in the next day to take us back home. So many people missed their connections, they had babysitters at home……you know the drill, it was a mess.

Fortunately I know my passenger rights and was able to get a voucher for a hotel room and meals. The plane was supposed to come in at 2:14 pm, so we would be ready.

The next day my friend and I took the train into town, saw another museum and rushed back to the airport. When we got there, we were told that the plane would be late. I had heard that story before and finally got the confession that there would not be a plane.

I got on my phone, reserved a room at the same hotel, and booked myself a flight on another airline. SPIRIT broke their contract with me. I was going to fly home on another airline and they were going to pay. I managed a flight the next day and made it back home.

Extra points because I just survived 3 days in Boston without luggage. Always be prepared to wash your dedicates in the hotel.

I was prepared with my passenger rights. I wasn’t taking any excuses. There were people in line the previous night until 4:30am. When I left the second day, the line was still wrapped around the Spirit ticketing area.

Word of caution, check out the airline and their on-time rate. Don’t just take my word for it, here is a link for reviews. SPIRIT consumer reviews