Due to the quick turnaround for my United States Passport Renewal ( two weeks!) I decided to find a place that I had never been and that was cheap. I also made sure it was be safe for a solo travel. Russia met all the requirements.

  1. Cheap  1 week, 2 hotels, all flights………………$1036 from Detroit
  2. No refugees. Just read a European paper and see the horror of the raping of women. It’s not just Cologne at New Years, women through most European countries are told to stay indoors and change their lives in order to not get attacked.
  3. Tourism is low in April in Russia, but the weather should be fine. Mid 40’s to 50’s. Perfect for layering.

What I did not know about my super cheap, yet exciting trip was that I needed a visa.

UGH!!!! More expense and time

This is what you need:

  1. Travel vouchers from your hotels. Email your hotel and they will send you a link. Put ALL of your hotels in the form and for around $6 you have your vouchers emailed to you.
  2. A Russian Visa    This is the part that I didn’t know about and ended up costing $285. You need to fill out the forms, submit them electronically, then mail your passport, photo and other paperwork contained on the site to the proper Russian Consulate for your state. In order to get all of my paperwork done properly I did visit a friend who happens to be an immigration attorney. She advised me to send copies of my flights and hotels along with a copy of the paperwork that I submitted electronically.

I always worry when my passport is out of my possession, so I sent it via overnight and insured mail. I know that today it is in Washington DC and being processed. I did order a 3 year Russian Visa since it’s the same price of the 1 visit. Maybe I will love Russia and want to return.